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PIGG-ing out

 i am such a PIGG >_< (and on PIGG as well)
2 snickers bar in 2 consecutive nights. not. good.

seriously, period when are you coming??? 

first crack of the month

long time no crack uploads...and so im back.
this disease is damn hard to get rid of
 screw me...

i didnt get to post anything last night so imma post it today to make it up (to myself?)


i would just die if this happened to me.
i'd go buhnanas, i tell yah...BUH-NA-NAS!

i feel warm..oh no wait, thats just the liniment i doused myself with. kekeke

im having a debate with myself as to whether i should download more crack-ness or not. heaven forbids, rather, my usb space forbids me to be a crack-whore now.
im having withdrawal symptoms (from what exactly, im not sure) and i dont feel its from the meat boycott im doing *yes! today is day 2 of no meat!* and im darn hungry...i could eat a whole cow.with the grass and all. kidding. ok, watching a cooking show does not help me get my mind off foo..ooooh look potatoes! sweet potatoes! baked! yum---
one way to divert my attention is by having me stare at people's heads and look for white hairs haha. yes, just this morning in my humdrum commuting life i had to stare at people's heads while waiting for forever and i saw white strands of hair which im itching to yank out right then and there. i have so short attention span, and maybe even low memory capacity like last decade's gadgets. plus, i dont think im even capable to make coherent statements. screw them bachelor's degree. 
i even left boss with no transpo from airport...kekeke...thank gat someone was there. when will he learn to take cab eh? effff it.

gif for the day:


Jan. 6th, 2010

oh shed im shreeepy.

today's post is brought to you by, oishi potato chips... the plain salted ones.

today's crack is brought to you by <insert brand name here> tofu.
boo yeah!!!

let's post shizs!

ok. so my 2g-pulot-lang-usb is damn full. must clean it out with all the junk i still keep (i.e. my thesis files with draft, computations and final output and those conference invites i hold onto) damn they take too much space. could have used that space to save that Heartbeat~pew pew pew fanmade version. i kid.

might as well air out some things i stored for the rainy days. i gotta say, i store 'em like im never getting net connection again or im going into hibernate mode--thats right, im a hoar(der)! 

can...u turn up the right? eh?

bgm* i will love you duuuuuude, toniiiiiiight!!!!

i know. im saboooooooooooog. effing big time. boo yeah~!

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